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From Foster Care With A Purpose works with local community members, neighborhoods, entrepreneurs, and small businesses to educate, train, and assist at-risk individuals who live in disadvantaged communities to become self-sufficient. The disadvantaged individuals are classified into the following categories:

Extended and After Care For Foster Children:

We aim to aid these young adults in being able to support themselves as well as looking good and presentable, so we sprinkle a little love into their lives via:

Got Any Questions?

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Intellectually Disabled Adults:

It’s been two decades and counting, and our commitment to people with disabilities has never faltered. We show them that even with disabilities, one can still change the world. Our little contributions to their exceptional journey are:

Residential Facilities

Our close working relationships with service providers for the above-mentioned groups of people enable us to better understand the burden that comes with providing appropriate and safe housing for these individuals. In an effort to show our appreciation to these organization, we collaborate with communities to locate and donate necessary and important items such as: